Bluffton Sun Article*Candidate for Beaufort County Council, Jerry Stewart,  is a regular editorial contributor to the Bluffton Sun Newspaper. Below are some of his more recent editorials.

Property tax relief eroding; January 22, 2014

Input sought on key budget issues; February 19, 2014

Reserve fund like emergency savings; March 18, 2014

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Preserving the lowcountry’s character; August 20 2013

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A consensus-based transportation plan; September 18, 2012

Preservation key to lowcountry way of life; October 16, 2012

Unrealistic to run government like business; October 16, 2013

Tell lawmakers you want tax reform; May 15, 2012

Updates on Council’s long-range plans; April 17, 2012

Bill important to government reform; March 20, 2012