Why County Council?

Why County Council…and Why Me?

As an elected official, Jerry is often asked how he is going to vote on a given issue.  This is a difficult question to answer since one cannot anticipate any last minute amendments and/or changes to the legislation until the call for final vote.  Although he may not be able to tell you how he will vote, he can share with you the principles he will use in deciding how he will vote.  Knowing this, one should not be surprised by his ultimate vote.  It is his principles and how they compare to your own values that should be considered in deciding your candidate of choice. One thing is certain, Jerry will not say he will never vote for a given issue. Jerry believes elected officials must keep an open mind and listen to all sides of an issue before deciding how to vote.

What to expect from any elected official:

Accountability – stating objectives and intentions; seeking constituent feedback

Leadership – offering priorities for action and vision for tomorrow

Courage – taking clear positions on issues, even if unpopular with some constituents

Consistency – acting consistently in accord with one’s stated principles

Collaboration – working with others to find common ground and get things done

Experience – understanding business as well as government

Communication – meeting frequently with one’s constituents and colleagues

Here’s how Jerry sees himself in that framework:

Accountability – He expects his constituents to hold him accountable for promoting sound decisions and effective programs on their behalf. Therefore, his responsibilities as a county councilman have been my full-time job. If elected as the representative for House District 120, no other job related responsibilities will divert his time and attention.

Leadership – He has been an outspoken advocate for planned, balanced development, for preservation of our rivers and wetlands, and for fresh, forward-looking approaches to assuring future economic viability in the lowcountry.

Courage – Because of his concerns for safety, Jerry has opposed convenient proposals to waive highway standards. Because of his concerns for the environment, he has raised unpopular questions about popular projects (e.g., the proposed Sembler mall).

Consistency – His council colleagues have remarked: “we (always) know where he stands.”

Collaboration – He has consistently worked for regional approaches to economic development. He was one of the driving forces to create a joint resolution between the Georgia Ports authority and the Lowcountry Economic Alliance to promote  development of the Jasper Port.

Experience – As a former business executive and a current County Councilman, he has a strong sense of what is required for success in both the private and public sector. This underlies the time and attention he devotes to attending meetings and doing research to understand issues and to know his constituents.

Communication – Writing monthly for the Bluffton Sun and meeting often with civic and community groups in both Beaufort and Jasper Counties, Jery has been able to represent constituent interests and assure that constituents know his positions.